Operating Your Drill Press

Drilling Speed

Different operations require different drilling speeds. The most general rule is to use slow speed for large holes and fast speeds for small holes. Additionally metals usually require slow speeds while the appropriate speed for woods will vary by type. Its ok to experiment to see what speed works best. Table Selection for Bench top Drill Press.

If you buy a bench top drill press you will need to devote workbench space to the machine. One advantage of the floor model if workbench space is limited is that they are free standing.

Round Tables feature oil grooves which clamps can be attached to. Good for wood and metal.
Rectangular tables lack oil grooves, and are best suited for woodworking. Features pierced slots for clamps.

Drill Press Safety

The same precautions that I outlined in the section on Cordless Drill apply here, but with several additional precautions:

Clamp and secure all work before using the drill press.

Watch for loose clothing and hair that may be caught in the revolving parts of the drill press.
Always wear safety goggles while working with the press.
Turn off power before making adjustments.
Use only sharp drill bits.
Never secure a workpiece with your hand.
Keep workspace around the press clean.

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