Cordless Drill FAQs

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Operation, Maintenance

How can I take care of my drill?
What does the clutch on my cordless drill do?
Do I need Variable Speed Transmission?
5 Hammer Drill tips
What’s a Depth Stop?

Choosing a Drill

What else can I do with my drill?
Which drill has the most power?
Is a keyless chuck better?
Corded or Cordless?
3 Handle Styles

How can I take care of my drill?

Keep the drill in good repair.
Insert bits fully and securely.
Use the right drill and the right bit for the task.
Keep drill bits sharp.
When using a keyed chuck, tighten using all three holes to equalize shank pressure.
Don’t lose you chuck key- tape it to a string and fasten it to the drill or cord.

Drill Cleaning Tips:

Use a vacuum or compressor to clean fixtures and vents.
Never submerge in water.
Use a damp cloth or towel.

Drill Storage:

Always use storage cases and keep the drill out of the weather and dust.
Cordless drill batteries are best stored between 40 and 105 degrees F. High temperatures diminish battery capacity and low temperatures slow down battery reactions.

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